4 Non-Lame Ways to Stay Focused on Your Fitness Goals

4 Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Goals

Getting fitter and healthier should be motivation in and of itself. Yep, we get it. But sometimes it’s just hard to stay focused on your goal. All. The. Time.

Reaching your fitness goals can be slow going, so you’ll want to have a few tricks you can turn to when you’re feeling less motivated – especially as the weather gets colder and it’s that much harder to get out of bed in the morning.

We cruised Pinterest to find a few fun and quirky things you can use to stay focused on your fitness goals.

Motivational Money Jar

Motivational Money Jar to Reward Yourself When You Workout

With a motivational money jar, you get twice the payoff when you reach your goals.

Put a dollar into a jar every time you work out. Once it’s full, treat yourself to something fun, whether that’s new workout gear, a facial, or something totally indulgent.

Track Your Weight Loss

For every half kilo you lose, put an item of that weight in a cardboard box. Every time you’re feeling a lag in your motivation, lift up the box – you’ll actually be able to feel how much weight you’ve lost, which will motivate you to keep going.

Plan Your Wardrobe

Using Pinterest, create a board of outfits that you’re looking forward to wearing once you hit your fitness goal. This doesn’t necessarily have to be “size-focused”, but it’s more about what you want to feel confident wearing. So maybe it’s an open backed top once your tone your arms and shoulders.

Count It Down

Stick up PostIt notes or another brightly coloured reminder with all the days listed that you want to work out this month. Then, like a grown up version of an advent calendar, pull down a tag once you’ve completed each workout. The daily visual reminder, plus the act of removing a tag every time will help to keep you on track.