Prevent Gym Boredom With This Smart Training System

Small Group Training Classes in Moonee Ponds

One of the biggest factors in people skipping gym sessions is boredom. If you’ve ever wandered around the gym floor wondering which exercise to do next, then you’ll know the feeling.

Unless you’re a fitness professional, figuring out which combination of exercises to do to target all your main muscle groups in one session is hard. And when you’ve got a million other things on your mind (like what’s for dinner and whether you’ll stream a new episode of Game of Thrones when you get home) it can be hard to keep track of what exercises to do next.

If that’s how you feel about the gym, then circuit training is your new best friend.

Circuit training involves setting up a series of stations, combining cardio, weights, and some resistance exercises. You then spend a short time (30 seconds to a minute) on each exercise, before moving onto the next.

Because you’re changing quickly from one exercise to the next, you’re less likely to get bored doing any one activity. Plus you don’t have to think about what to do next, so you’ll spend less time mindlessly wandering around and more time getting sweaty, which is what you came to the gym to do, right?

An added benefit of circuit training is that, whether you’ve got only 15 minutes to fit in a workout or an hour, you know you’re hitting all your major muscle groups and getting a full body workout.

So now you know how good circuit training is for you. But what about if you can’t even be bothered planning your own circuit? That’s where small group training classes can really help. You turn up, the circuit has already been set out, someone else keeps time and makes sure you’ve got correct technique, you do it and go home.

It’s basically the working out, for lazy people.

Most big gyms don’t offer group circuit training. You can get a personal trainer to take you through a circuit, but that can really start to add up.

But there are a heap of small group training classes in Moonee Ponds and surrounds where you can get guidance from a professional at a lower cost then getting a personal trainer at the gym. With the benefit of small class sizes, a choice of session times and a friendly atmosphere, you might even start looking forward to your next workout.

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Image source: Flickr/Jeanette Goodrich